Unical Admission

University of Calabria will offer 125 SCHOLARSHIPS to foreign students wish to be enrolled in a Laurea Magistrale (2nd Cycle Degree) a.y. 2017/2018.
These grants consist of free services by its Residential Centre (85 grants board and lodging and 40 only lodging) for the legal duration of the course of study (2 years for Laurea magistrale and 5 years for the Laurea Magistrale a Ciclo Unico) and an intensive course (80 hours) of Italian language and culture before the beginning of each semester (starting from September 2017). Deadline March 27, 2017.
All foreign students, including those who will be awarded of the scholarship, must follow the pre-registration and registration procedures required by law see more info.

Call 2017

1nd Cycle University Degree

Classification: 1st cycle university degree
Access: holding an Italian school leaving qualification, or a comparable foreign one.
Admission: generally free; in some cases entrance tests are required, depending on the availability of places.
Workload: 180 ECTS credits Length: 3 years full time
Degree: Laurea; (in English: 1st (cycle) degree). It is the Italian bachelor-level degree of the Bologna Declaration.
Title: Dottore
IMPORTANT INFORMATION The completion of this form by the applicants IS NOT an application. Its only purpose is help the University’s internal planning in regards to calculating the number of international students in its Bachelor courses. According to the procedure indicated by the Ministry of Education, students must preregister at the Italian Diplomatic Representation in their country of residence and comply with the condition for enrollment, among these requirements is an adequate knowledge of Italian language. Only after receiving a study Visa, students can apply for enrollment. In certain careers offered by the University of Calabria an Entry Test may be required. A number of positions (usually 10%) is reserved for international students. Within this limit candidates do not have to take an entrance test. If the number of registered candidates who also fulfill the condition of preregistered candidates in the Diplomatic representation exceeds the number of reserved position, the exceeding candidates have to take an entrance test. Entrance tests, which may be selective or not, depending on the career, are also requested for certain careers (see list). Knowledge of Italian. For this level of study the date of the test by the University is the same all over the country. However exceptions may be made for specific cases. The University of Calabria offers to its international students an intensive course of Italian (80 hours).

Application form - Information

Students wishing to undertake a mobility period at University of Calabria in the framework of international agreements with partner universities. The request has to be channeled through the appropriate office at the student’s hometown University. A study plan is required, indicating the courses the student wishes to study



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